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Do you want to see a documentary celebrating 50 years of Mission Ridge?

Okay then, let's do it!



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In the early 1960s, some very forward thinking, adventurous skiers got it in their heads to build a ski area for Wenatchee. It took a ton of persistence and hard work, but in just three years, they had cleared runs, installed two chair lifts, and had finished a road from Squilchuck State Park to the brand new Hampton Lodge. To make all this happen, the founders of Mission Ridge had gone out and asked the community to support the plan by selling shares in the new ski area. Support had been overwhelming and they successfully raised over half million dollars to make it all happen.

Some 48 years later, we continue to be the beneficiaries of all their hard work. And now it's time to begin preparations to celebrate the founders, their work, and the lasting legacy of being pretty much the best mountain around.

To that end, we here at North 40 Productions are raring to get out and create a feature documentary film about Mission Ridge for the 50th anniversary that includes stories about how it all got started, the amazing characters that make Mission Ridge their winter time home, and of course, EPIC riding footage.

Thank you very much for your support and long live Mission Ridge.

Mission Ridge Photo by Sean Wilder